November 13, 2008

how do you talk to kids?  How do you interview them?  What survey questions are appropriate?  And how do you get meaningful data from them?

These are the questions going through my mind as I write the survey/interview questions for our target market of people between ages 13-18.  Why do kids stop riding bikes?  Do kids even ride bikes these days?  How do we make riding bikes more exciting and compete with the excitement that is learning how to drive (cars)?  We want to instill in the youth positive feelings about bike riding so that when they grow up common stigmas like, lack of experience, fear, and absence of perceived comfort are now longer prevalent.

And what is comfort anyways?  Isn’t safety a relatively false perception?  I mean something horrible could happen to you at anytime.  Is comfort just a product of habit?

I’m definitely out of my comfort zone so I know we’re doing something right.


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